The HiSPARC philisophy is to have all the developed software freely available to as many people as possible. We would like to hear about your experiences, please send your feedback to beheer[at]

HiSPARC software

The installation of the HiSPARC software has been simplified considerably. We now use one installation package that installs all the necessary software on the detector pc. This includes two programs to read out the HiSPARC electronics and the optional weather station. And also several programs to download updates, monitor the status and upload data to the central datastore. Make sure that no older version of the software is already installed on the pc, this could cause problems!

As of January 1, 2018 only Windows 10 installations will be supported. The newly developed package includes new versions of OpenVPN. TightVNC and NSClient++. The installer can be obtained by sending an email to beheer[at]

HiSPARC source code

We have placed the source code of all HiSPARC software on GitHub, making it accessible for everybody.

Software documentation

Documentation for all software is available here: HiSPARC Documentatie.


There are a few necessary steps that have to be taken before a detector can send its data to the central database.

You can find a comprehensive description of how to build a HiSPARC detector here:

There are also strict safety conditions that have to be met, regarding to the placement of a detector on the roof:

The instructions required to process the data from the various detectors (HiSPARC detector, weather station, lightning detector, etc.) on a local PC and send them to the central database are written in:

The short manual discussed the conditions for a successful installation of the software step by step. The extensive manual also describes how to connect the equipment besides the detector and how to adjust this in a fast way.

You can find a descripton of the known problems (and solutions) that can occur when the HiSPARC PC is connected to the school's LAN in this manual:

After the software has been installed successfully and the detector is connected to the PC through the electronic device that was developed for this purpose

  • HiSPARC II Master en Slave units (technische beschrijving, pdf-versie)

it is now time for adjusting the detector. A comprehensive description of the (LabView) programm, which is used to operate the equipment can be find here:

  • HiSPARC data acquisitie (pdf-versie)

HiSPARC weather station

Schools that have a weather station can use this manual (in Dutch) to make it operational: