Welcome at HiSPARC

HiSPARC is a project in which secondary schools and academic institutions join forces and form a network to measure cosmic rays with extremely high energy.

HiSPARC offers students the opportunity to participate in real research, with the purpose of finding out more about these mysterious and rare cosmic particles. In addition, students participating in the experiment can use this for their profile paper for the final exam.

On the roofs of the participating schools you can find the HiSPARC detectors which were built by the students themselves. These setups are connected to a central computer at the scientific institute Nikhef through the internet, forming a large network. In Nijmegen data has been collected since 2002 and in Amsterdam since 2004. There are HiSPARC detectors in the regions Eindhoven, Enschede, Leiden, Utrecht and Groningen as well. Currently the project is being expanded to other countries like Denmark and England. The project is coordinated from Nikhef in Amsterdam.

Find a list of the HiSPARC sponsors here.

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Giant Black Hole Powers Cosmic Fountain
14/12 - 2018
Before electricity, water fountains worked by relying on gravity to channel water from a higher elevation to a lower one. In space, awesome gaseous fountains have been discovered in the centers of galaxy clusters.
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25-02-2016: Automatische richtingreconstructie

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18-12-2015: WND Conferentie

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23-6-2014: HiSPARC data bijeenkomst (*update*)

Deze bijeenkomst was bedoeld om uitleg te geven over wat data is en hoe er mee te werken valt. Als eerst is verteld wat we precies meten en hoe dit terug te vinden is in de data. Daarna is een...more »